Instagram Hesap Yönetimi


Have you created your Instagram account but do not have enough followers?

Getting started is the hardest part of this job. With our Instagram account management service, we can quickly improve your Instagram account and increase your number of followers. In the first 15 days, we gain 5000 or more followers to your Instagram account, and create a brand image followed in the eyes of your potential customers viewing your account.

We host many features in our service such as concept sharing designs specific to your business, content specially designed for the products or services you offer, monthly sharing planning, hashtag research, and automatic likes for all your posts.

Thus, you will have an Instagram account with a good number of followers on Instagram, with creative and quality shares on a regular basis, and each share receiving 100 or more likes. This is the perfect improvement for your brand.


First, we analyze your existing Instagram account if you have one, and develop a strategy for what we will do.

For a quick start, we gain followers at varying rates depending on your industry. Our aim here is; To instill in your potential customers the image that you are an admirable business on Instagram.

We create special post designs for your business.

We prevent your Instagram account from looking monotonous by preparing different designs for each type of sharing. For example; The design we will use while promoting your product or service and the design we will use in special day celebrations will be different designs that complement each other.

We plan the designs monthly.

This helps us make multi-layer design. While the posts have their own designs separately, when you look at your Instagram profile in general, geometric and regular patterns emerge when the shares combine. For an example of this design style, you can check our Instagram account.

We did the design and the posts, so who will see this?

With a detailed hashtag study, we determine specific hashtags for each share so that your posts can reach your target audience.

At least 100 people will like your every post.

We ensure that every post we make is liked by the most reasonable number of people compared to the number of followers. This is a work done for your brand image. Your high-profile posts tend to positively affect your potential customers.



50% Discount for the First Month! Let’s manage your Instagram account for half the price of the first month, and continue if you are satisfied.

To get detailed information about Instagram account management, fill out our form and we will reach you immediately.